Secrets Of The Bakerloo Line

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 8 months ago
Secrets Of The Bakerloo Line

Geoff Marshall shares his favourite bits of Tube trivia from the Bakerloo Line. Discover unusual station features, little-known shortcuts, and Geoff's least favourite underground station. With a special guest appearance from Ben Pedroche, author of Do Not Alight Here.

Feel free to share your own favourite bits of Bakerloo Line trivia in the comments below.

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Last Updated 04 September 2017


Best secrets of video yet. What a cool view at Piccadilly Circus - saw this once when I got kicked off a train which was being terminated due to a fire alert at Oxford Circus

Helen Dashwood

Unfortunately when I click on the video, it reverts to Secrets of the Central Line, not the Bakerloo line one!


Great video and I think this is one of my favorites so far also. The video worked find for me btw.


Ah I'm gutted that you didn't include Kensal Green! Not only is it my home station but it's also an interesting one. It was repeatedly bombed during the second world war, which is why when you go above surface the immediately surrounding houses are more modern than the victorian terraces that line the streets leading away from the station. FACT FANS!


Also Lambeth North used to be called Kennington Road - the tiles were still in use on the platforms like the Grand Central ones in Marlyebone but were removed during re-furbishment about a decade ago...

Scott Keir

It's not really a secret, but my favourite Bakerloo line fact is that Bakerloo was a nickname for the line that was later adopted as the official name for the line. Could you imagine that happening with Boris Bikes or the Dangleway...?


Thank you for highlighting Geoff's terrific well-produced videos. Each one is a little treat to be savored. Keep it up.


I believe the Bakerloo line was built ad named by an American? And interesting pronunciation of Marylebone

Dave K

Another great short video with the enthusiastic Geoff! Good stuff :)

Dave K

By the way, am I the only one to notice Geoff wears a t-shirt the same colour as the line he is reviewing...? :)


Great video, as always.

Small ironic fact about Baker Street: the pictures of Sherlock Holmes with his pipe, are here and there covered up by signs, which say 'No Smoking'.

I can't believe you think Queen's Park is worse than Elephant and Castle. Easily my least favourite tube station in the city.


Oh no, your Piccadilly Circus shortcut has been blocked off! Or at least it wasn't accessible yesterday. There were signs up saying there's building work going on.