Secrets Of The Metropolitan Line

Geoff Marshall, the Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, turns his eye to the Metropolitan Line. Discover disused platforms, architectural features and the network’s most impressive stained glass windows.

Written and presented by Geoff Marshall. Camera and direction by James Taylor.

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  • The Orange One

    What about the Waterloo and City Line??

  • Iain MacNaughton

    The Orange One beat me to it

  • Dave K

    Thank you Geoff (and helpers!) for all your amusing, informative and enjoyable videos on the lines – I have enjoyed each of them and it has given me plenty to go, find and experience for myself. Cheers!

  • Phil C

    The line was supposed to be extended from the current Watford station into the High St. The ticket hall was built & is now the Moon Under Water pub