Secrets Of The Circle Line

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 18 months ago
Secrets Of The Circle Line

Secrets of the Underground is one of Londonist's most-watched series, racking up millions of views.

In it, Geoff Marshall, former Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, explores the city's iconic transport network uncovers trivia you can impress your friends with.

If you've never seen the series, enjoy this classic about the Circle line, in which he uncovers little-known shortcuts and a memorial to a deceased station cat.

Written and presented by Geoff Marshall. Camera and direction by Steven Francis.

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Last Updated 11 October 2016

Geoff Marshall

Before you all get on my case, I'm aware that at 1m 40s I get something wrong!

I say "Early 19th century", when it should of course have been "Late 19th century" (The Underground wasn't first built until 1863!)

But the fact is true - the Metropolitan Railway (purple) ran clockwise services around what became the Circle line, and the Metropolitan District (green) Railway ran the anti-clockwise services, both of which passed through Barbican - then known as Aldersgate. phew!

As you were ...

Paul Redfern

Old OS Survey maps show that in the days of steam, High St Ken was also the 'coaling station' for the Met & District lines, which might also explain the extra line & platform.

Dave K

Hi Geoff, great to see a new video - lots of interesting bits I didn't know. Love the 'break time' and groundhog bits. Nice map too and I did work out the music played during the 'break time' ;)

The Orange One

Tell me something about Temple, because I've never been to have a look around there (unlike all the other Circle Line stations).

The Orange One

Oh, and it's not true that Euston Square is the only Zone 1 tube station where you can get in without passing through barriers. You can also get into Waterloo (Waterloo and City Line platforms).


Hello Geoff: I love all of the videos that you do! If only I could remember everything when I am on the different lines!

linda malcolm

I love this guy, he is so passionate about his journeys. The break time made me laugh out loud! Keep up the good work.