A Collection Of Quizzes About London

This lot should liven up your commute.

Here at Londonist we love a quiz. Can't get enough of them, whether it's London words shaken up in anagrams, photo rounds of the city, or general knowledge of a very specific element of London. We've written our fair share of London quizzes over the years, so we've rounded them all up here on one handy page — why not bookmark it for your commute, or to test your friends down the pub?

Note: we've put the year in which each quiz was first written, as there's a small chance some information (for example, the tube map) may have changed slightly since.

Anagram quizzes

We've been scrambling up the letters of tube station names, some well-known and some less-known. Have a go at our four-part tube anagram quiz (2017):

Then we went and did the same with the DLR. Have a go (2017).

London transport quizzes

  • Our resident tube geek Geoff Marshall set this quiz, which he reckons is the toughest tube quiz in existence. We're talking escalator angles and out-of-station interchanges. Have a go (2015).
  • Can you work out these tube station names just from their vowels and a snippet of trivia? H_v_ _ g_ (2016).
  • Trains, trams, travelcards and the tube all feature in our London transport nerd quiz, with the questions once again set by Geoff Marshall. Have a go (2016).

Knowledge Quizzes

  • Blue Badge Guides know the city better than most. Guide Mark King set these 10 questions, covering everything from monarchs to landmarks to boroughs. Have a go (2016).
  • The Victorians left quite a mark on the city, from railways and buildings, right down to sewers. How much do you know about them? Have a go (2017).
  • Think you know the Thames? Try our fiendish Thames quiz. Have a go (2015).
  • Done that? See how many of these 40 fiendish follow-up questions about the river you can get right. Have a go (2016).
  • Postcodes and subterranean London meet in our Mail Rail quiz, which we wrote for the opening of the former Post Office railway as a tourist attraction. Have a go (2017).
  • All swotted up on famous Yanks in the capital? Take our Americans in London quiz. Have a go (2017).
  • How's your bullshit filter? We got the guys at Bullshit London to put together this deceptive quiz — can you tell which statements are true and which are false? Have a go (2017).
  • Try and work out who these erased blue plaques belong to, just from their descriptions? Have a go. (2017)

Picture quizzes

  • If you're more about the skyline than the subterranean, have a go at identifying as many of these London chimneys as possible. Have a go (2016).
  • We've taken these photos right on the border of London, so one half of the photo is London, and one half is not. Can you guess which side is which? Have a go (2017).
Which side of this river is London?
  • Consider yourself a bit of an interiors aficionado? How many of these 8 London buildings can you name? Have a go (2017).
  • Speak fluent emoji? How many of these London place names can you decipher from emojis. We've put the first four below to get you warmed up. Have a go (2016).