An Anagram Quiz Of DLR Stations

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 33 months ago
An Anagram Quiz Of DLR Stations
Photo: 67Jewels

How well do you know the DLR, London's tame rollercoaster of a light railway? But how well do you really know it? Well enough to recognise its stations, even when their names are all scrambled up? Have a go at this anagram quiz — then challenge your friends and family to do better.

Note: the images we've used to illustrate this article may or may not have anything to do with the stations that have been scrambled.

1. Wall Shed

(Yeah, we're easing you in gently).

2. Rental As

3. Archangels Oil

4. Draft Tors

5. Fryer Stew

Photo: JAY

6. Creeping Rent

7. Raven Dodos

8. Dutch Emu

9. Idea Saint

10. Cob Kent


Photo: Robert Pittman

1. Shadwell

2. Star Lane

3. Gallions Reach

4. Stratford

5. Westferry

6. Prince Regent

7. Devons Road

8. Mudchute

9. East India

10. Beckton

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Last Updated 24 March 2020