Quiz: Can You Guess Which Side Of The Border Is London?

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 30 months ago
Quiz: Can You Guess Which Side Of The Border Is London?

We took a photo down the River Thames recently and looking back at it we realised something; one side of this photo is in London and the other isn't. So we've collated a bit of a quiz for you: all the pictures beneath display a London border; can you guess which side the city is on? Answers down at the bottom.

1. The river is the border

Which side is London though?

2. This road is a London border

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3. This motorway forms a London border

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4. Which side of this hedge is London?

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5. Another river border

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6. The border is the road to the left, so is the pub in London?

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7. The road's the border, which side of the bridge is London on?

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Here are the answers as promised:

1) Right. This is taken from Hampton Court Bridge over the Thames, on the left side is East Molesey and on the right Hampton Court. The eagle eyed among you might have noticed Molesey Lock on the left which is the closest this quiz has to a giveaway.

2) Left. This is Shrubs Road in northwest London. On the left is London's Harefield and on the right Hertfordshire's Rickmansworth.

3) Left. Despite our excellent pixellation job, the more discerning among you might have been able to work out that this is the M1. Edgware is on the left, whereas Elstree is on the right.

4) Right. These are true borderlands, in North Ockendon outside the M1. The excellently named Bulphan in Essex lies to the left. Find out about an epic journey to reach this exact spot.

5) Left. This is the River Darent, just before it joins the Thames. On the right is Dartford and on the left is Slade Green.

6) Right. The pub — The Star — is in London, but only just. It's in Malden Rushett, a little village that doesn't consider itself to be in London, but definitely is. Going left leads you to Leatherhead.

7) Left. Follow the tracks left and you'll come to Woodmansterne. Go right to get to non-London Chipstead.

Last Updated 08 March 2021