Is This The Toughest Tube Quiz?

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 30 months ago
Is This The Toughest Tube Quiz?

Top photo of the Elizabeth Tower by Daniel Coyle

Last Updated 04 January 2016

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Clunking Fist

7 right! 5 of which were pure guess, the other two educated guesses...

Greg Tingey

NOT a tough as this year's London Reconnections Christmas Quiz



Geoff Lumley

But Geoff, there isn't a station on the Underground called King's Cross!

TheDanielCoyle .

Another cool article Geoff, always like reading yours. But can you credit me for the photo at the top with the roundel and Elizabeth Tower? ( Thanks :)

Philip Whitehouse

5. I only knew 1 :O

Ant Shailer

Question 7 is now wrong due to the night tube

Romola Des Loups

9. That really was hard, and I'm a station assistant on the underground