Quiz: Name The Tube Station From The Vowels

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Quiz: Name The Tube Station From The Vowels

Quiz time. Can you work out these London Underground stations from just their vowels and snippet of trivia? How about the five images where we've removed the consonants from the station name?

AIOOUE (zone 1) — one of only two stations to contain all the vowels.

OUEAI (zone 3) — the other station to contain all the vowels.

AA (zone 3) — the only station without any of the letters of UNDERGROUND in its name.

OOO (zone 2) — famously, the only station to contain none of the letters of MACKEREL, and pictured above.

IIE (zone 1) — only active tube station to contain six consecutive consonants (without spaces).

Where's this?

AEA (zone 9) — the highest station above sea level.

AEA (zone 2/3) — the deepest station below surface level.

A (zone 1) — only station to contain just one vowel.

AE (zone 1) — longest escalator on the network.

AO (zone 2/3) — shortest escalator on the network.

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AEEE (zone 1) — station with the most London Underground platforms.

OOAOA (zone 2) — once boasted a spiral escalator.

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AEOO (zone 1) — busiest underground station.

OOIU (zone 1) — busiest night tube station.

UUI (zone 5) — one of only two night tube stations outside Greater London.

EAIOAA (zone 3) — anagram of 'Railway gone bad'.

EAOEIA& (zone 6) — station that most recently changed its name.

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Answers below (scroll down).



St John's Wood
Brent Cross
Latimer Road
Camden Town
Kilburn Park

Word clues

AIOOUE (zone 1) — Mansion House
OUEAI (zone 3) — South Ealing
AA (zone 3) — Balham
OOO (zone 2) — St John's Wood (but only because 'saint' is written as 'St'
IIE (zone 1) — Knightsbridge (Aldwych would have qualified, but is now a ghost station, while Goodge Street works if you include the space)
AEA (zone 9) — Amersham
AEA (zone 2/3) — Hampstead
A (zone 1) — Bank
AE (zone 1) — Angel
AO (zone 2/3) — Stratford
AEEE (zone 1) — Baker Street
OOAOA (zone 2) — Holloway Road
AEOO (zone 1) — Waterloo
OOIU (zone 1) — Oxford Circus
UUI (zone 5) — Buckhurst Hill
EAIOAA (zone 3) — Ealing Broadway
EAOEIA& (zone 6) — Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 (previously Heathrow Terminals 1, 2 & 3).

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