Bet We'll Surprise You With This A-Z Of Tube Trivia

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Bet We'll Surprise You With This A-Z Of Tube Trivia

A is for Aldgate, built on a plague pit,
B is for Bank where they left in the drill bit.

C is for Circle, the line of bartenders,
D is for District, the line of Eastenders.

E's for Earl's Court, The Doctor's deserted,
F's Finsbury Park (Krapy rubsnif inverted).

G is for Greenford, and its unique inclinator,
Holloway's our H, for its spiral escalator.

I's Inspector Sands, you've heard his announcement?
J's Jubilee, and its Neeeeeesden pronouncement.

Inspector Sands, by Stephen Wood.

K is for KniGHTSBRidge, six consonants in a row,
L is for Lambeth, London's centre, you know.

M's Mansion House, closer options abound,
N is for Northern, longest trip underground.

O is for Ongar, whose platforms are quaint,
P is for posters, in Microsoft Paint?

Q is for Queen, she once drove the trains,
R is for roundel, you'll spot many strains.

S is for Sloane Square, where wild waters race,
T is for Tooting, it's in outer space.

U's Upminster Bridge and its dubious styles,
V's the Victoria line and its much brighter tiles.

W's for whiteboards, their jokes are first class,
X recalls uXbridge's uneXpected stained glass.

Y is for Yerkes, who made the tube better,
Z's BelsiZe Park, the only stop with that letter.

Last Updated 22 March 2018