Video: A Ride On Greenford Tube's Incline Lift

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 19 months ago
Video: A Ride On Greenford Tube's Incline Lift

A tiny part of us went ahhhhh in 2014 when the last wooden escalator on the Underground — at Greenford — was taken out of commission. But when its replacement opened we went ohhhhh! What prompted this outburst? Said replacement is shiny, majestic — and the tube network's first inclinator.

We're not sure inclinator is a real word, but it finally brings much needed step-free access to a station at the western end of the Central line.

The innovative lift takes just a few seconds to travel up from the ticket hall area to the platforms. Other refurbishments at the station include a unisex accessible toilet, and better signage.

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Last Updated 26 October 2016


It's a funicular, innit?

Peter Walker

The great thing is that you can see where it is and if it's working or not.

Also, it really is a funicular.

John B Tefertiller (FuzzyFarAw

It's a word. The ones at the pyramid shaped Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas have been called inclinators for over 20 years.


Luxury! Spare a thought for us poor souls who don't even have an escalator and just have to haul up and down stairs. (Serioously, why do stations that already have escalators take priority over those that don't?)