14 Weird London Pub Names And What They Mean

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 27 months ago
14 Weird London Pub Names And What They Mean

There are some weird London pub names. But what do they mean? Here are 14 of the weirdest, with explanations.

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Last Updated 06 March 2016

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Tom Bolton

The Only Running Footman in Mayfair is a good one. Also, The Antigallican in Charlton, referring to a long-forgotten anti-French movement of the late 18th century.. There used to be another on Tooley Street, which vanished during the construction of what people insist on calling 'More London" - the opposite of a weird name.

Mark Baker

My understanding is that The Case is Altered (which is more Hatch End/ Harrow Weald borders) came from an anglicization of 'casa alta', meaning 'high house'. The pub is situated on high ground overlooking the weald.


The Blacksmith & The Toffee Maker has only recently been named that and is in Clerkenwell. 'Casa Alteri' meaning 'High House' i heard was the origin of 'The Case is Altered'. What sort of arse changed the name of 'The Only Running Footman' ?

Tom Bolton

I think The Camel and Artichoke was better when it was just The Artichoke - much less self-consciously wacky, which is the last thing you want from a pub. Pratts & Payne is a bit similar - all very tongue in cheek from Antic. P&P uses local Streatham references in the name, but the nearby Antic pub in Balham, Hagen & Hyde, doesn't seem to mean anything unless I'm missing the point. It's a bit too close to the fake Tesco craft coffee chain, Hoole & Harris.


What about Defector's Weld in SB? One online note mentions one or another of the Philby/Burgess crowd having lived nearby; still a puzzling monicker.


I'm spanish and i've never heard that 'case desalter' expression in my whole life, probably not spanish at all