Where Is London's Best Pub Jukebox?

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Where Is London's Best Pub Jukebox?

Where is London's best jukebox, and why do you rate it? Do you prefer a carefully selected range of vinyl, or a comprehensive digital juke with thousands of tunes?

We're looking to add some musical goodness to our database of best pubs in London. It's already possible to search that site for jukeboxes, but we only have a handful, and we need your opinions to help determine the best.

So please vote in the comments below, tweet #bestpubjukebox or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Previous Pub votes

For the past three years, we've organised monthly reader polls to find out the best pubs in certain areas or with particular themes. All this feeds into our Best London Pubs site, giving a unique pub database that's formed from a combination or reader opinion and editorial judgment. Past votes are listed below:

Visit our our Best Pubs in London microsite and see what you think.

Last Updated 02 September 2015