Send Us Your Stories About London At Night

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Send Us Your Stories About London At Night

Photo by The St@lker, the Londonist Flickr pool.

Writing the great London novel? Want to exercise your short story muscles? Working on something and want it to be read by a wider audience than your immediate family and friends?

Londonist is humbly offering you the chance to have your short story published in our London Short Fiction series. We've had some crackers in the past — tales of washed up thesps, bits of London getting deleted, harvest festivals horrors and buildings sprouting legs. Now it's your turn to get creative.

Our theme at the moment is London at Night. Think ghost ships drifting down the Thames, Peckham power cuts, bar brawls, boogeymen, night bus nightmares — and pretty much anything else — so long as nighttime and London form the backdrop.

Here are the rules in full:

1) Stories must be no more than 1,000 words.
2) Stories must be set in London, or heavily influenced by the city in some way.
3) We don’t just want an interesting scenario — the piece also has to be well written, with believable characters.
4) Send entries to
5) You get to keep full copyright.
6) We’ll run the theme over the next few weeks, so get your story in ASAP for consideration.

We can't wait to read your stuff!

Last Updated 20 November 2014