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Best Of Londonist: Eat, Change & Plan Ahead

Photo of the week: Piccadilly snow globe by Carlos

This week’s best of Londonist is guest edited by reader Latifa Akay. Latifa hails from the bright lights of Belfast but has chosen NE London as the backdrop for her quarter life crisis. You can find her strewn across the World Wide Web writing about women’s issues, cultural crises and other pressing social matters.

Guest editor picks:

  • Thames 21 photo competition: Waterways. What’s not to love? A swan sailing down a murky stretch of canal on a gloomy day is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. If you enjoy intimate moments with London’s watery stretches get snapping for the opportunity to win a cash prize and a place of honour at the National Maritime Museum. I will be entering too. May the best (wo)man win.
  • South Bank Winter: As usual, winter has discovered us before we care to discover winter; unwelcome encounters with damp umbrellas on public transport, fears about gas bills and the inevitable influx of woolly hats with ears. But of course there are positives too; South Bank London has compiled this Winter Guide, shining light on options for seasonal cheer; music and frostivals and sugar-coated everything.
  • 24 hour tubes: The one we’ve all been waiting for - tubes are set to run all night on major lines at the weekends starting from 2015. Yes that's over a year away but the thought of never boarding a heaving night bus again and witnessing the disturbing interactions therein is almost too good to be true. London just keeps getting better.
  • Poetry and literature galore: Is it just me or do poetry and winter make a particularly good union? Open fires, pleasant company and the fine art of listening. You don’t even have to talk to anyone. Have a glance for this week in verse and prose.

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We like the Carnaby Street robins! Photo by Mike T.

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