A-Z Pub Crawl: Where Is The Best Pub In Greenwich?

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A-Z Pub Crawl: Where Is The Best Pub In Greenwich?

Hmm, no pubs here.

Recommend a good pub or bar in Greenwich, then join us on a crawl round the top four.

After a summer break, our monthly alphabetical pub crawls are back. For part 'G', we're heading to south-east London, to the "Home of Time", the birthplace of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and, which is more, a part of town with some fine pubs indeed. We want you to tell us your favourite pubs and bars in Greenwich.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Let us know (in the comments, on Facebook, or by tweeting #bestGreenwichPub) your favourite pubs in the area.
  2. We’ll tally up the votes in a few days.
  3. We’ll then arrange a pub crawl later this month around the four most popular choices. You’re welcome to join us.
  4. You can nominate anywhere in the area. How far ‘Greenwich’ extends is entirely up to you — you might consider Greenwich Peninsula, the fringes of Deptford or Maze Hill, as well as central Greenwich. It's your call.
  5. By ‘pubs’, we’re using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars.
  6. You can nominate more than one place. All nominations count as one vote, whether you rank them or not. Likes on Facebook and retweets of someone else’s vote are also counted as new votes.
  7. Venues should be open to the public with no pre-booking, entry fee or membership required.

So, where shall we go?

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The A-Z pub crawl...we've found the best pubs in the following places.

Last Updated 03 September 2012


I would say take in the following for sure:
The Union
The Asburnham Arms
The Plume of Feathers
The Pelton Arms
The Guildford (for a good pub lunch)

Dan Derrett

The Union definitely.
The Dog and Bell if it's not too far into Deptford.


The Old Brewery if the weather's nice. The Union is always marvellous.


The Greenwich Union
Bar Du Musee


The VanbrughCutty Sark

Dave H

The Greenwich Union, for sure.

I also like the Richard I, for being next-door to the Union (and having a better beer garden).

I seem to recall the Plume of Feathers being quite pleasant, too.

Matt Volatile

The Old Brewery, which is the brewpub for Meantime. It's located just inside the grounds of the Naval College. Incredible range of fresh beers on tap, including their brilliant Meantime IPA. The beer garden is also blessed with great views of the gorgeous architecture of the college, and out over the river. One of my favourite pubs in London.


Dog and Bell
Richard I


Another vote for the Dog and Bell.

Roger Manser

the old brewery...


Definitely The Pelton Arms.

The Dog and Bell is brilliant, but not great for a Greenwich pub crawl as it's at least a fifteen minute walk to the next decent pub.

Also The Greenwich Union and The Old Brewery.

The Cutty Sark is nothing to write home about but it does have lovely outdoor seating on the river.


Maybe this will help you decide...


The Greenwich Union is my favourite pub in London, not just Greenwich. Followed very closely by Oliver's the secret jazz bar opposite the park. I also really like the bar in the Spread Eagle which is a strange place indeed. Considering how empty and soulless the restaurant can be, the bar is gorgeous (if expensive) on a wintery evening. I go there for treats and nice wine. And magic sort-of revolving opening doors.

I've just moved to East Greenwich and I'm yet to try out the Pelton (have heard only very good things), but I can give the thumbs up to the Cutty Sark (average ales, but lovely views without getting as busy as the Trafalgar) and Vanbrugh Tavern (ale festival, nice food, tucked away), they're excellent. I actually really dislike the Old Brewery. Excellent beer and food, but it's really uncomfortable to sit/stand in and you don't get a view of the river or the Naval College because there's a huge fence around the patio. I'd rather go to the Greenwich Union and drink the same beer in there.


Oliver's Wine Bar for a different experience and live music
Richard 1st (The Tolly)
The Plume of Feathers
The Pelton Arms


The voting has now been counted, and here are the results: http://londonist.com/2012/09/w...