The London Dossier: A Recap...

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The London Dossier: A Recap...

We're nearly through all sixteen chapters and addendum of Len Deighton's London Dossier. Having reached Chapter 14 last week it's time for a little breather and perhaps a catch up, if you've missed any of it. Also, Kevin needs a week off, bless him.

The front cover of Len Deighton's London Dossier. That eye peering through the die-cut keyhole belongs to none other than Britain's first top model, Twiggy.
So, what have we learned?

Chapter 1: Teenagers - not as exciting as you might have hoped, given the swinging sixties backdrop but Purley turns out to be more exciting that you could imagine.

Chapter 2: Food - then as now there are oyster shells on the walls of De Hems

Chapter 3: Drink - getting a pint of lager in 1967 was tricky

Chapter 4: River - all driftwood belongs to the Queen

Chapter 5: Music - rock n roll is not heard of

Chapter 6: Self Indulgence - is game pie and Krug from Selfridges

Chapter 7: Mood - stay in bed and read the papers with Len

Chapter 8: Children - childcare provision was great and barrel organs were available for day hire

Chapter 9: Photography - snapping the London Policeman is a must (oh how things change)

Chapter 10: The Underworld - all strip clubs have broken kitchen chairs in them

Chapter 11: Slang - 'Fings Aint' What They Used To Be'

Chapter 12: Shopping - Karl Marx is buried next to a Mr Spenser. True.

Chapter 13: Sport - at Stamford Bridge the crowd is ‘clinically detached’

Chapter 14: Theatre - The Mousetrap had only been running 15 years

For an additional dose of Deighton, hie thee to The Deighton Dossier - a blog dedicated to all things Len. We'll pick up with Chapter 15 shortly.

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