Populist: 21-27 March

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Populist: 21-27 March

The week's most popular posts, and a round-up of what's happening around town.

In the news:

  • 2012 ticketing news provoked grumbles over personal data and no special treatment for Londoners
  • Heathrow body scanner leering incident Pun of the week beautifully placed in this story about Jay-Z's interest in Arsenal See cycle hire docking stations mapped and look forward to them being 'apped'
  • Debate the beauty of Battersea Power Station
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    Other goodness:

  • Are you stuffing your face with chocolate on the Southbank this weekend?
  • We translated the courtier graves beneath Somerset House
  • Brixton Algerian restaurant Khamsa got the thumbs up
  • London Rollergirls' London Brawling team did us proud in the face of tough opposition by the Texas Hustlers
  • We regressed to teen adulation as Suede made us fall in love with them all over again
  • Sit back and admire Anika's amazing hand drawn map of zone 1 and consider how just about everything was invented in London
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    Comment of the week:

    Lee Jackson's caption for photo of the day on Friday was matchless:

    Muriel glanced at the girl eating a BLT by the fountains and suddenly felt an all-conquering desire for lettuce. Her nose twitched. It became impossible to fight the desperate gnawing hunger that lurked within her. She could almost taste the bitter crunch. One or two hops ... that was all ... The girl was small-boned, no more than five foot two. Muriel knew she had the height advantage - she could take her. Her minders were busy pretending to be aeroplanes; this was her chance. Crisp, leafy freedom. She tried to fight it but felt herself beginning to change. Soon the transformation was complete. "No, Muriel!" shouted Nurse Kent. "Stop her!" "Not the teeth ... !" "Nooooooo ....!"

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