Body Scanner Used To "Leer At Naked Body"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 159 months ago
Body Scanner Used To "Leer At Naked Body"

Photo / NealHumprhis
Remember all those forthright assurances that the full body scanners at Heathrow, introduced a month ago, wouldn't be misused by airport staff? Looks a hollow promise now that a security guard is under investigation for allegedly leering at a colleague's body as she passed through the device.

Using an argot seemingly borrowed from the Sun's agony aunt photo-story, 25-year old John Laker is accused of saying "I love those gigantic tits" as co-worker Jo Margetson walked through the scanner, and activating the machine to record an image of her naked body.

The incident happened at Terminal 5 two weeks ago, and police have issued a formal warning against Mr. Laker for sexual harrassment, though they did not give him a caution. BAA is investigating, and the employee may face suspension from his job. Ms. Margetson, for her part, reported to be traumatised by the event, and has not returned to work since. Hardly the kind of reaction to instill a sense of confidence in the travelling public.

Last Updated 24 March 2010