Space Invader Mosaics Launch New Invasion

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Space Invader Mosaics Launch New Invasion


Looks like another wave of Space Invaders has been unleashed upon the capital. The pixelated wall-huggers have been regular visitors to London and other cities for over a decade. We even mapped them once, but the folks at Platial seem to have bowdlerized our data.

Since the last invasion, the alien artwork has grown more powerful. Compare this oversized example from New Oxford Street with the placemat-sized intruders of previous attacks.

The new arrivals coincide with the 'Low Fidelity' exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone gallery, which shows work by street artist Invader and runs until September 17.

Last Updated 30 August 2009


The Greek Street shop also has a short Invaders video piece, showing the Rubiks Cube album covers for Abbey Road and London Calling being put together. It's hidden away in the bit of the basement that stretches out under the street. It's only a couple of minutes long but definitely worth seeing if you're a fan.

Also, download Quickmark for your phone before going to the Rathbone Place exhibition, as there are a series of mosaics that you need to decode - if you view them through your phone you'll get sent a message.