Random Graffiti of the Week: Space Invaders!

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Random Graffiti of the Week: Space Invaders!

If you take the slightest bit of interest in your surroundings while walking around the streets of London, you will have noticed those strange, mosaic space invaders that hug the corners of buildings.

The aliens are everywhere. All over the world. There are perhaps 75 throughout London alone, according to the space invader website. Recently, the fourth wave invaded on our streets, and so we thought it was about time we tried to map them.

Zoom in, scroll around and click the markers to see pictures. This Platial map is 'Open' meaning that you can add your own alien encounters.

Some of the photos used are from Creative Commons Flickr sources. Credits can be found by clicking through to the Platial map.

Last Updated 19 January 2007


apparently the're all over the place! I knew they were in paris, but seems like it's a worldwide phenomonon. You can even buy the maps! http://www.space-invaders.com/...


Ahhh... I noticed one in Barcelona when I was there on holiday. I thought it was odd and I took a pic of it. I didn't realise they were all over London. I should look up more!

Thai Radio

Actually they're already ruling th world...

The master invaders are having some rest in Phuket
or some other Thai island according to what I heard.


There are at least two missing on your map:

one near Borough Market under the railway bridge on Park Street and one on Wardour Street on the north end pillar of St Anne's railings, opposite Winnett Street.


Everywhere indeed.
I think this was funny when it mysteriously started in Paris about 10 years ago. even The Face did a curious "anonimous" interview of the artist (after all, how can you be sure it was the real artist?).
But now, the surprise and the mystery has faded a bit...


I found one as you exit Picadilly circus station exit at the corner of regent street on the lst step as come out towards the Virgin Megastore.

The first invader I saw though was on Pont du Mont Blanc in Geneva Switzerland


i love them :)