Lazarides Rathbone Now Open to the Public

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Lazarides Rathbone Now Open to the Public

lazarides rathbone

Economic meltdown? Huh? Where? That topical monster certainly wasn’t rearing its ugly head at last night’s opening of the new flagship Lazarides gallery at 11 Rathbone Place. For those familiar with the old Lazarides on Greek Street, image the same edgy calibre of streetwise contemporary art but now filling a massive five-storey Georgian building (with a sordid past as a brothel) in Fitzrovia and not just a Soho tiny shop and basement. But never fear art fans (and judging from the queues to get in the tightly packed, sweaty, boozed-up Rathbone opening last night, there are quite a few of you in town): the Laz place on Greek Street has been recalibrated and is now SHOP, “the ultimate outsider art retail experience” with posters, prints, original works and “highly-coveted cult ephemera”. We’re not quite sure what that really means, but it certainly sounds like it’s worth having a peek.

As for the new mega-space at Rathbone Place, it’s luscious. In fact, we wish we were still there now (schmoozing with the glitterati and the art-wise) and admiring the collection of works by big name baddies such as Banksy, Faile, Invader, David Choe … you get the picture. And if you don’t get the picture? Well, with the opening of this new art space, you’ve just been handed a golden ticket to view some the most notorious contemporary art to pass through London and a promise of much, much more to come!

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Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 15 May 2009