Bond Street Jewellery Heist: Two More Arrests

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Bond Street Jewellery Heist: Two More Arrests


Police have picked up two suspects in connection with the record-breaking jewellery raid on 6 August. Armed thieves accomplished Britain's biggest gem raid when they stole £40 million worth of bling from New Bond Street jewellers Graff. Police have now arrested two individuals but will disclose no further details for 'operational reasons'. The newshounds at the Telegraph have a couple of extra details. They claim that one of the suspects has been identified through DNA evidence, and that the robbers originally planned to make the raid on 4 August. Widespread reports that the thieves wore latex face masks to conceal their identities now appear to be exaggerated. Most papers now say the robbers played with the idea, but abandoned the scheme late in the day. The Standard, however, still clings to the latex lead, and adds that a getaway car has been found in Ickenham.

Last Updated 20 August 2009