Bond Street Robbers Wore Latex Faces

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Bond Street Robbers Wore Latex Faces


The heist of the decade got one step weirder today. According to the Standard, the two main culprits had their faces altered by an unwitting make-up artist before the raid. The Covent Garden cosmetician was bluffed into thinking the duo were to star in a pop video, so agreed to artificially age their faces using 'liquid latex' techniques more commonly seen in Hollywood movies. Consequently, the men the police are looking for may look nothing like the duo on the CCTV footage. Gary Neville, you can sleep easily again.

In another development, police say that they've made an arrest in connection with the rubbery robbery. A 50-year-old man was picked up in Ilford, and later released on bail. The raid last week was the biggest of its kind in Britain, netting £40 million of jewellery. Detectives believe the items may have been stolen to order, with insider information.

Last Updated 13 August 2009