Settlement For Scary Tooley Street Rivals

By Lindsey Last edited 116 months ago
Settlement For Scary Tooley Street Rivals

In the London Dungeon by Catya_Maria007 via the Londonist Flickrpool
One day, the battle of the Tooley Street scare attractions may well slip into urban legend and entertain walking tours passing through London Bridge. Chris Roberts +20 years may be regaling a Londonist walk with a tale of the time when zombies from either side of the street fought viciously to lure unsuspecting yet cash ready tourists into the bowels of the earth and scare them shitless, only to puke them back up into the daylight, much poorer, quite confused about London history and laughing hysterically.

The London Dungeon and the London Bridge Experience have been at loggerheads ever since the latter opened across the street in early 2008. We can vouch for the authenticity of The Experience's plague pit having spent the night there but the Dungeon is a long established, slick and global brand experience much loved of tourists and with the corporate punch of multi-national Merlin behind it.

Today, news is that Merlin's power has cowed its upstart competitor and a settlement between the attractions has been reached out of court. London Bridge Experience is to pay the Dungeon compensation and legal fees and agree not to interfere with its queues or marketing so from here on in, there will have to be ingenious and distinctive marketing strategies to survive. We suggest more specials and big up the actual spooky history of the spot. As for the London Dungeon, invite us in and scare us silly - we'd love to do a versus on these competing attractions.

Last Updated 29 July 2009