Fear Of The Dark At London Bridge Experience

By Hazel Last edited 186 months ago
Fear Of The Dark At London Bridge Experience

A zombie is not just for Halloween, but for all family occasions. Which is something we learned when we took a deep breath, grabbed a teenage family member and went for a special Halloween themed bonding session at the London Bridge Experience special event Fear of the Dark.

There's nothing like being plunged into total darkness with nothing but a tiny headlamp to guide you through a series of gruesome rooms full of zombies and ghouls to bring you closer to your kin. You can learn alot about each other just through the pitch and frequency of screaming as you go through yet another ambush by skin-eating hags; you'll gain valuable insights into one another's characters through your respective reactions to a corpse that suddenly springs up and chases you through an artfully recreated slaughterhouse. And will your relationship survive the relentless frightfest that is the London Bridge Experience overall? You will only find out by taking the test yourself.

The Fear of the Dark special delivers more adrenaline than a bag of 1980s uncut cocaine and definitely something you should do with friends and family - do NOT go on your own. If you miss the Fear of the Dark special you can always book for the London Bridge Experience and enjoy all the ghouls and zombies in a well-lit but equally frightening trip.

If you fancy a tour and being scared witless, go to the London Bridge Experience website.

Last Updated 31 October 2008