Free Londonist Guided Walk: The Odd Bits Of The Strand

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Free Londonist Guided Walk: The Odd Bits Of The Strand


Long-time readers will know the score. For a couple of years now we've been putting on infrequent guided walks that show an unfamiliar side to familiar parts of town. Well, there's another one coming up, so here are the details:

When: Thursday 6 August - walk leaves at 7.30 pm.

What: Let's go down the Strand, or, I beg your pardon we never promised you Covent Garden. Never mind though you'll learn where you can find Barbara Streisand's underwear on the Strand and why the bowler hat disappeared from the streets of London. There are also stories about a smelly lamp, a bunch of ghosts and a mad elephant. It's an absolute musth as Bonnie Langford would say.

Who: Folklorist Chris Roberts is back, with more tall tales than a Covent Garden stilt walker. Chris is a veteran tour guide, author of Cross-River Traffic, resurrector of the Penny Dreadful with his One Eye Grey, and all-round top bloke.

Where: Meet for 7.30pm start outside Treadwell's Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

There are almost five reasons you should come, all copy and pasted from previous posts, because we're lazy and fond of recycling:

1. It's free! And contains only the smallest of catches (Chris uses the opportunity to try and flog copies of One Eye Grey. Bless him).

2. You'll meet other London obsessives, including some of the Londonist team. We're always looking for new writers - so come chat to us if you're interested.

3. There's beer. (Though that’s not free.)

4. You get an exclusive Londonist badge (exclusive in that we're not aware of anyone else making Londonist badges). And that's if we've got any left - haven't checked the bag lately. (Goes to check bag.) OK, you'll probably get a Londonist badge.

If you'd like to join us, please could you email londonist - at - gmail - dot - com with subject line 'Guided walk'. Previous walks have been really, really popular, so we're going to cap the number.

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