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17 February 2014 | Secret, Transport | By: Geoff Marshall

Secrets Of The Piccadilly Line

Geoff Marshall, the Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, turns his eye to the little-known features of the Piccadilly Line. Geoff pays tribute to architect Charles Holden, who gave many of the stations their character. He also reveals an abandoned escalator, the station with a Tesla coil roof, and a population of Tube gnomes.

And here's a bonus video showing the complex development of the stations in the Hounslow area.

Presenter/Writer: Geoff Marshall, @geofftech
Camera/Director: James Taylor, @jteav

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Geoff Marshall

Article by Geoff Marshall | 82 articles | View Profile | Twitter

Andy Drizen

Great work Geoff, best one yet!

Dave K

Another great video Geoff! Full of new stuff for me to keep my eye out for - excellent work, even if you do sound out of breath at doing the entire line!

Roger Manser

I thought the old Hounslow Barracks is on the BR line from Whitton to Feltham, where there is a foot tunnel alongside the River Crane? Close to Hounslow Heath?


Surely this man deserves a plaque from London Underground...(BTW look out of the window between Green Park and Hyde Park Corner and you might just glimpse part of Down St station - after the siding lights)


Lord of the geeks! :)
great video. Thank you, Geoff.


Secrets of the London Overground .... Now there's a few dead, moved and re formulated stations and lines there ... With a recent twist of adding suburban line out of Liverpool street on years to come!

Gareth Sturdy

There's a fantastic section about the old Aldwych interchange at Holborn in Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household, a classic and highly influential spy novel of the 1930s. Being almost as equally geeky as (our) Geoff, I visited Holborn recently to retrace the steps of the novel's protagonist as he hurries through the warren of the station evading capture, but I couldn't make it work with the modern layout. Thanks to Geoff's explanation of where the escalator was I can now go back and do it properly! Rogue Male has just been re-published too - highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed