A-Z Pubcrawl: The Best Pubs In Angel

The Charles Lamb, second best pub in Angel, and starting point for our pub crawl.

Last week, we embarked on a half-baked, two-year mission to seek out London’s best pubs as voted for by readers of Londonist. We begin with A for Angel. Here’s how you voted:

1. The Island Queen (26 votes)
2. The Charles Lamb (22)
3. The Narrowboat (12)
=3. The Angelic (12)
5. The Harlequin (10)
=5. The Mucky Pup (10)
7. The Wenlock Arms (8)
=7. The Old Queen’s Head (8)
9. The Albion (7)
10. The Old Red Lion (6)

Voting was completely open-ended, and the definition of ‘pubs near Angel’ was up to you — this accounts for the prominent inclusion of the Wenlock Arms, which is a fine pub, and would no doubt be even higher if more people considered it close to Angel.

Here’s a map of all the recommended pubs in the area. Green pins denote our top four, which will form our pub crawl (see below), yellow pins represent the rest of the top 10, and red pins indicate other nominated pubs.

View Angel Pubs in a larger map

So, now it’s time to visit the four best. On 29 February, we’ll be heading to (in this order, with approximate times) the Charles Lamb (6.30pm), The Island Queen (7.30pm), The Narrowboat (8.30pm) and the Angelic (9.30pm). Would you like to join us, and visit Angel’s four finest pubs in one evening? Drop M@ a line on matt@londonist.com to register interest (so we can keep an eye on numbers). If the group is large, we’ll split into smaller groups and stagger arrival times, so as not to overwhelm the bar staff. Hopefully see you there.

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  • Ewan

    I can’t believe no one nominated the Shakespeare’s Head (just down the road from the Harlequin). I should have, for a start. It’s lovely.

    • http://twitter.com/robster75 Rob Brennan

      Har! I just came here to say exactly the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        Well, we’d agree, and visited it on our Shakespeare pub crawl: http://londonist.com/2010/06/alternative_pub_crawls_shakespeare.php

        But the votes are all down to readers.

  • Alan Simkins

    Just a quick plea for those of us who are colourblind to varying degrees. I understand the use of ‘traffic light’ colours for the pins, but *please* stick to primaries – it’s a lot easier to distinguish between yellow blue and red than it is when both red and green are included!

    • Anonymous

      Fair point, Alan. Perhaps we’ll compromise and keep the traffic light system as an easily understood system for most, but use dotted green pins for the top four…so you can see the best by looking for the dots.

      • Anonymous

        OK, changed.

  • jbak88

    Just strolled past the Islington Tap on Liverpool Road last night – it’s been closed down with no further details other than that the stock and money have been removed and a caretaker is now living on site.

    • coney

      good – that place was a shithole

  • TimW

    As my office is about 30 metres away from the Charles Lamb (or CL) as we call it, I’ll see you guys there…

  • Richard Mellor

    The Angelic over the Albion – good grief.  Good grief good grief good grief.  Did Jack Tweed vote 12 times or sommat? 

    The problem I have with the top two, and indeed the lovely Albion, is that, fantastic as they surely are, they’re now too ‘known’ and constantly heaving.  I sound like an old Manics fan dissing the new Manics fans, I realise, but I fear it’s true; and there’s nothing worst than realising a pub isn’t how it used to be (yes, the Shacklewell Arms, that means you). 

    I’d put forward an equally-great-but-far-less-discovered pub, namely The S… if only that wouldn’t defeat the point!  I kind of like that it doesn’t appear on this list.  Let the Jack Tweedalikes stay in The Angelic!

  • Jwcarter

    my favourite is not listed – GOOD! :) Bah humbug

  • Moritz1975

    You must be joking guys!! Who made the list the owner of the 1st pub?? I’m already here and… C’mon!!! NUMBER ONE!!!???? I don’t know too much the area but the round midnight is much better, live music, better price and friendly staff!!