A-Z Pub Crawls: Where Is The Best Pub In Angel?

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A-Z Pub Crawls: Where Is The Best Pub In Angel?

Can you recommend a good pub near Angel station?

We'd like to try a simple but intoxicating experiment of the boozy kind. Here's how it works.

  1. Let us know (in the comments or on Facebook) your favourite pub(s) in the Angel area.
  2. After a few days, we'll tally up the votes.
  3. We'll then arrange a pub crawl around the three or four most popular choices. You're welcome to join us.
  4. If it's a success, we'll do monthly sequels in other parts of town, moving through the alphabet each time. So March could be in Borough or Bermondsey or Bloomsbury, for example.

But we're starting with A for 'Angel'. You can nominate anywhere in reasonable walking distance of the Tube station. So a pub in Barnsbury, for example, would still be OK, so long as Angel would be a sensible Tube station to use. Oh, and by 'pubs', we're using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars. And you can nominate more than one place.

So, where shall we go?

The Angel, Islington by Gaz-zee-boh in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 08 February 2012