A-Z Pub Crawls: Where Is The Best Pub In Angel?

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A-Z Pub Crawls: Where Is The Best Pub In Angel?

Can you recommend a good pub near Angel station?

We'd like to try a simple but intoxicating experiment of the boozy kind. Here's how it works.

  1. Let us know (in the comments or on Facebook) your favourite pub(s) in the Angel area.
  2. After a few days, we'll tally up the votes.
  3. We'll then arrange a pub crawl around the three or four most popular choices. You're welcome to join us.
  4. If it's a success, we'll do monthly sequels in other parts of town, moving through the alphabet each time. So March could be in Borough or Bermondsey or Bloomsbury, for example.

But we're starting with A for 'Angel'. You can nominate anywhere in reasonable walking distance of the Tube station. So a pub in Barnsbury, for example, would still be OK, so long as Angel would be a sensible Tube station to use. Oh, and by 'pubs', we're using a shorthand — you can also vote for bars. And you can nominate more than one place.

So, where shall we go?

The Angel, Islington by Gaz-zee-boh in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 08 February 2012

Foucault's Shallot

This is a trick question


Harlequin! (Arlington Way)


Camden Head is pretty good :)

Nigel Jeffries

Island Queen, Noel Street great pub!


The Angelic.  57 Liverpool Rd.

Nigel Jeffries

Or the Charles Lamb, Elia Street i think - another great pub

Lou w

yes I second the Island Queen & the Angelic.

Allan Whatmough

Exmouth Arms on Exmouth Market

Allan Whatmough

Islington Tap on Liverpool Road


The Theatre pub: the Old Red Lion on St John St


The Regent, Liverpool Road


Cant wait for the pub crawl, I love everything Angel! The best crawl will be when you hit S(horditch) though. :)


Island Queen, by far

Dave H

I quite like the Bull on Upper Street.


The George Orwell on Essex Rd., almost at Balls Pond Rd. but worth the extra walk.


Filthy McNasty's Whiskey Cafe on Amwell St


I'm partial to the Crown on Cloudesley Road, and also the Charles Lamb.

Edd Fawcett

The Charles Lamb has excellent food, excellent beer and an excellent dog.


Harlequin, Old Red Lion Theatre Bar, The Mucky Pup, The Island Queen, The Kings Head Theatre... pub crawl done.

Lorraine Claridge

The Angelic Liverpool Rd, The Bull Upper St, The Castle on Pentonville Road, I also love the Drapers Arms and the Albion but suspect they are more Islington than Angel


that one with no name.

Mike H

The Island Queen for me, at least for its gorgeous interior.


The Albian - Crab a creeky table by the fire and chow on pork belly with an ale.

Footprints of London

Island Queen for me


The Albian - Crab a creeky table by the fire and chow on pork belly with an ale.


Gotta agree with Chris here, but with the addition of The Crown in Cloudsley Sq - they keep a superb cellar......


The Charles Lamb, Island Queen and Mucky Pup are favourites of mine in the area. Do enjoy the pizza at The New Rose as well.


 Island Queen and Charles Lamb, as have been mentioned.

Also like King Charles I on Northdown Street, which might be considered too far from Angel and too close to King's Cross to count, but I must give it a mention.


The Charles Lamb!


Slim Jim's whisky bar


Island Queen or Harlequin. Good beer at both. Friendly places. Harlequin is small and off beaten track, good cheeseboard. Island Queen food is fairly standard pub grub, but well done for that, and it is a listed pub, and on Camra historic interiors list.


The Harlequin is the best pub, not just near Angel.