Metrodle: Like Wordle, But Based On The Tube Map

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Last Updated 09 June 2022

Metrodle: Like Wordle, But Based On The Tube Map
First guess "Paddington". Incorrect.

Can you identify the mystery station based on a crop of the Tube Map?

Wordle-like puzzles are 10-a-penny these days, but here's one that's (a) genuinely fun, (b) very, very Londony.

Metrodle gives you a close crop of the Tube Map, with most of the information like names and line colours removed. You have six guesses to work out the station. As is the (short) tradition with such games, you get a new puzzle each day.

It's proper fiendish, too. Your correspondent has been writing about the tube for almost two decades, and could navigate the network standing on his head in a barrel of dandelion and burdock... or so I thought. Two out of five goes, I had to make multiple guesses. See how you get on.

A bar chart showing information on the game Metrodle

Each guess gives you a little extra information towards your target, so even if your tube knowledge is relatively weak, then you should get there eventually.

Metrodle's not the only London-themed puzzle in town. We recently covered Tuble, which has a similar premise, but using zone and distance information rather than graphics.