Tuble: A Wordle For Tube Geeks

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Tuble: A Wordle For Tube Geeks
A tube roundel on a silver background bears the legend 'guess me'

An addictive tube puzzle joins the Wordle bandwagon.

It's fair to say that 2022 has been the year of the online puzzle. Millions still play Wordle every day, and its phenomenal success has seen a thousand variants hit our screens. Apathy has begun to set in.

The latest twist, though, is targeted at People Who Know The Tube, and it's bloody fiendish. Welcome to Tuble.

A web puzzle, with two purple fields already filled in

Like Wordle, Tuble has a simple premise. You have to guess the name of a randomly selected tube station. After each guess, you're told how many stops you are away, and how many zones. You get six guesses to narrow down your search. A zoned tube map is provided to help you figure things out, but proper tube geeks will want to try and solve it without that crutch.

This isn't for wimps. Despite almost two decades of writing about the tube for a living, your correspondent failed to identify the station of the day at the first attempt. Not even close.

Still, like Wordle, there's a new puzzle every day. Maybe we'll use the tube map next time.

Play Tuble here.

Top image by Londonist and not affiliated with Tuble.

Last Updated 20 June 2022