London National Park City Is Happening, But Needs Your Help

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London National Park City Is Happening, But Needs Your Help
City of London over a lawn
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London will become the world's first National Park City in July 2019, with the blessing of the Mayor of London. The title reflects our city's surprising wealth of natural spaces and biodiversity.

The project must now strive to reach as many people as possible. To that end, London National Park City will produce a 'newspaper-sized guide to making London life greener, healthier, wilder and better in so many ways.'

The charity, which has always relied on grassroots support, is now crowdfunding to get things moving.  Just a quid from your pocket will help, but higher donations will come with attractive rewards. Bag a t-shirt, gold-foil-embossed maps, a mural by street artist ATM and priority access to events.

Richmond and the Thames
View from Richmond Hill. Image Shutterstock.

The main reason for supporting this campaign is to help us get the word out about the London National Park City. That's our mission. The more you can give the more people we can reach, it’s as simple as that.

If you care about London's natural environment, and want to help more people experience its joys, then this is an excellent project to get behind.

Got a London-specific good cause that you feel needs more attention? Contact with details and we'll see what we can do.

Last Updated 13 February 2019

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