In Photos: Animals In Unexpected Places

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In Photos: Animals In Unexpected Places

We've tracked down a selection of the most random and unexpected animals spotted in the strangest places in London. Enjoy.

Source Stephen Ebert
David Walliams saves a dog during his Thames swim
Source Dog Breeds
An elephant from Earl's Court Circus with a man in its mouth, 1928.
Source Gizmodo
An elephant joining five visitors for a rest on a bench, London Zoo, September 1954.
Source Gizmodo
Harbour seal in the Thames.
Source Ahoylondon
Source Londonist
Who's a pretty boy, then?
Source Newageman
A wild otter in Tower Hamlets.
Source Towerhabitats
Chinese mitten crab on the banks of the River Thames.
Source Wired
A raccoon rides the Central line.
Source Felicity Morse
Fifi, the chimpanzee star of the famous Chimps Tea Party at London Zoo, June 1955.
Source Gizmodo
A porpoise is spotted in the Thames
Source Lbc
A seal, spotted swimming in the Thames Estuary
Source Your Southend
Comet, an elephant from Chessington Zoo spends the weekend as a waiter at the Trocadero Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, London, December 1938.
Source Gizmodo
A Northern bottlenose whale found in the River Thames.
Source Newscientist
Petra, the Alsatian dog from the BBC's 'Blue Peter' answering her fan mail, 1964.
Source Gizmodo
Seal in the Thames.
Source Frostysramblings
Stephen Fry exercising his right to drive sheep across London Bridge.
Source Buzzfeed
Seal spotted swimming in the Thames
Source Evening Standard
This bottlenose dolphin is a little far from home
Source Frankswebspace
Jumbo the first African elephant at London Zoo, circa 1870.
Source Zsl
Whale stuck in the Thames, 2006
Source Bbc
Pigeon takes a trip.
Source Anniemole

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