Best Of Londonist: 24 October 2021

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Best Of Londonist: 24 October 2021

Your weekly Londonist round-up.

Amazing Views And Free Tours Of Cally Clock Tower

Hope you're not scared of heights...

Northern Line Extension Will Light Up With 'Bat-Signal' Beams

Line of Light is for two days only.

lights rising into the sky among skyscrapers. Deep blue background

In Pictures: The Demolition Of Elephant And Castle Shopping Centre

Farewell to a London landmark.

Rubble and diggers where once stood a shopping centre. A colourful tower looms in the background.

What's The Commonest Baby Name In Your London Borough? 2020 Stats Revealed

Noah is looking particularly buoyant.

A map of London in pink and yellow with baby names on top

Get 50% Off Incredible Views Of The Capital At London's Tallest Sculpture

We've scored you half-price ArcelorMittal Orbit tickets! (sponsor)

Mirror London: Strange Reflections On The City

Odd photos of an inverted London.

A church next to a mirror wall with a reflection of the gherkin building

I Set Up A Middle Eastern Comedy Night In London – Here's Why

"A-ssyrian? Is that like being A-sexual then?"

Comedian on stage holding microphone with BBC Comedy Awards sign in background

London's Best Walking Tours: London Beatles Walks

Roll up! Roll up for the mystery tour!

A group of Beatles fans in big coats walk across the Abbey Road zebra crossing

Review - Beano: The Art Of Breaking The Rules Is Curated To Chaotic Perfection

You'll chortle from start to finish.

Dozens maybe hundreds of colourful cartoon characters assemble, all drawn from the Beano

An Entire London Borough In A Five-Minute Read: Lewisham

Giants cats, vintage ballrooms, ancient-not-ancient stone circles.

Two figurative pieces of street art on blocks from the Berlin wall face each other in a shopping centre

Inside Eastcote - The Legendary Recording Studios Where History Is Still Made

From Massive Attack to Adele.

Brian Molko of Placebo sits in a studio with lots of now-vintage gadgets. He looks rather friendly and approachable.

Is The "Tulip Tower" Going To Bloom After All?

New nickname: "the Nose Swab".

A bulbous tower top is at left of picture with the London skyline, looking toward a sunset in the distance. The Shard is weirdly shortened, as though the developers of the new tower are having a

Photos Of An East End That No Longer Exists

Candid images from the 70s and 80s.

A moustachioed man stares at camera while in the background somebody flares a white sheet for reasons unknown. It's in black and white.

Volunteers Needed For WrapUp London's Coat Collections At Tube Stations This Winter

Sign up now to help get coats to those who need them.  

Loads of white bags, filled with old coats, with people looking happy behind them. Well done volunteers!

The Bizarre And Ancient Tree Peacocks Of Bedfont, Near Heathrow

Yew won't believe it.

Last Updated 25 October 2021