Mirror London: Strange Reflections On The City

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Mirror London: Strange Reflections On The City

Welcome to the mirror universe London, where all is not as it seems.

These photos all show a distorted or reflected London, taken through mirrors, puddles or glass surfaces.

1. Are we in Inception?

We can't really describe this one... imagine a refection of a building upside down, with the pavement somehow the right way up.

Taken in Canary Wharf on Westferry Road, it'll take you a few seconds to work out what on earth is going on here. No filters, photoshoppery or special effects have been used.

2. Not the reflection you were looking for

An old church seems to be reflected as the Gherkin in a skyscraper

You know that feeling when you gaze into the mirror and the person staring back looks older or different to what you were expecting? Well, that. Here, the ancient St Andrew Undershaft appears to be reflected as the Gherkin, thanks to some angled glass in the Scalpel skyscraper.

3. Puddle highrise

A 60s skyscraper is reflected in a blue pool.

Nothing too tricksy about this photo — it's simply a shot of the office block over the Museum of London reflected in an old bird bath.

4. Covent Garden chaos

A colourful mirrored ceiling with a courtyard streetscape below

You can't move in Covent Garden these days for people taking snaps of all the reflective and glowing surfaces. This one's in Mercer Walk, near Stanfords bookshop.

5. Golden Lane reflections

A yellow tower block reflected in a puddle.

The Golden Lane estate's main tower shines brightly in another example of puddle photography.

6. The mirror bridge

A bridge arches through a blue sky. Its surface is mirrored.

One of several mirrored spans crossing the Lea in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Catch it on a bright day, and it's rather beautiful.

7. Rail reflections

Looking something like a photograph within a photograph, this is actually a reflection in a platform mirror at Parsons Green station.

8. Gateway to a real mirror universe

A collection of mirrors and mystic objects laid out in a museum case.

And finally... if you want to open a gateway to a real mirror universe, your best bet is to visit the British Museum, where you can find this collection of mystical items. The obsidian disc is a scrying mirror belonging to Tudor magician John Dee. It would have been used for occult practices and experiments, and perhaps conjuring spirits. Today, you can see your own reflection in this sinister object.

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Last Updated 05 October 2022