Marylebone's Dover Castle Pub To Close

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Marylebone's Dover Castle Pub To Close

The Dover Castle pub in Marylebone is to close this Friday (23 September). The much-loved Sam Smith's boozer has reached the end of its lease, and will not be renewing. It is unclear whether the pub will gain new ownership or fall into redevelopment, though its Grade II listing will hopefully save the building, at least.

The sad news comes just weeks after the nearby Windsor Castle closed for similar reasons. The two pubs were, in our opinion, the most characterful in Marylebone. Their loss denudes the area of significant pockets of charm.

The pub goes back a long way.

The Dover Castle was noted for its hidden-away setting, down Weymouth Mews, and its cosy, wooden interior. The pub was established in 1777 and has seen plenty of life over the years. It was voted the second best pub in Marylebone by Londonist readers. It will be missed.

With thanks to Peter Berthoud for the tip-off.

Last Updated 21 September 2016