The Tube Map: Now With Added Postcodes

The Tube Map: Now With Added Postcodes

Here at Londonist we love a tube map, so we were chuffed when reader Graham McFarlane sent us this copy of the tube map, to which he's added the postcodes of the stations.

While it may not enhance your journey as you rumble along underground from one postcode to the next, it's interesting to see where the boundaries are — how many postcode zones do you travel through on your way to work, for example?

It's no surprise that the sprawling orange of the Overground seems to cover more postcode districts than any other line, taking in parts of SE, E, N, NW, W and SW.

Click here to see a larger version of the map.

Why is there no NE or S London postcode district? Find out here.

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Last Updated 06 April 2018

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So why no postcodes for stations outside of the London postal area, like Edgware?


The map is wrong because Island Gardens is E14 not SE10

Jack Moore

Island Gardens is still E14 not SE10!


Interesting in that Manor House on the Piccadilly is in N4 whereas the next station up is Turnpike Lane which is N15. This completely by-passes (under-passes?) Harringay which is in N8! Proof enough that they should have put that extra station in on Green lanes on the opposite side of the road to the Salisbury!

Robert Nicholson

The map is wrong for Angel; Angel is N1 not EC1


E7 shouldn't be above Leytonstone.


Finchley Central is N3 not N2. West finchley is mostly N12.


Good idea, badly executed. Why not just put all the postcodes on there? And surely you check your data - given that's the main focus of this.
C+ must try harder.


So what about CR0 for West Croydon?


I think you'll find Baron's Court is W6.