Time Travel London: Oxford Street Old And New

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Time Travel London: Oxford Street Old And New

Continuing our series of images merging different periods in London’s history.

Oxford Street is one of London's oldest roads, following the same route as an ancient Roman road. Here, Londonist Flickr contributor 'Roll The Dice' merges scenes from 1968 with elements from a similar shot taken in 2007. See if you can work out which parts are from which decade.

Roll The Dice's Flickr stream is endlessly creative, with plenty of old/new shots of London, photos of London film locations, and inventive street photography. Go take a look.

We’re still after further entries in the Time Travel London series. You can make your image with paint, pencils, collage, iPad…whatever you like. The only rule is that your creation should depict some aspect of London’s past alongside something from the modern (or future) city. We’ll arrange an exhibition of the best images. Thinking caps on, and send entries to matt@londonist.com.

Previous entries, for inspiration:

Last Updated 24 May 2013