Time Travel London: Return Of The Crystal Palace

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Time Travel London: Return Of The Crystal Palace

Fancy meddling with time and space? We recently asked you to merge the past, present and future of our city in imaginative ways. It could be a drawing, painting, manipulated photograph, or even a map.

Alex Knights sends us this photo montage showing the streets of Crystal Palace, with the gigantic glass exhibition hall looming behind, as though it had never burned down. Alex explains:

I took the shot from the same position as the old photograph, so should be located exactly as it would have been. I believe the original photograph was taken by none other than Emile Zola when he was in hiding in Crystal Palace after the Dreyfus Affair. While keeping a low(ish) profile, he kept himself occupied by playing around with a camera – a new medium at the time. The streets below the palace are surprising unchanged — except for the cars!

We’re welcoming further entries to the Time Travel London competition for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you’ll depict Shakespeare pedalling a Boris Bike through Southwark, or Christopher Wren sketching out plans for the Shard. Thinking caps on! Send images to matt@londonist.com to be considered for entry. We hope to show the most imaginative entries at a future exhibition.


Last Updated 18 April 2013