Mini-Drones Form Star Trek Logo Over London

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 62 months ago
Mini-Drones Form Star Trek Logo Over London

On Saturday night, to mark Earth Hour and simultaneously plug the upcoming instalment in the film franchise, 30 mini-drones formed the Star Trek insignia beside Tower Bridge.

The 'drones', actually LED quadrocopters, were positioned above Potters Field Park in the shape of the Starfleet badge. At 8.30pm the LEDs dimmed, along with the lights on Tower Bridge, before re-illuminating an hour later.

It's the second time Star Trek: Into Darkness has used London as a marketing prop; a poster released last year showed Benedict Cumberbatch standing before what appeared to be a ruined version of our city, circa the 23rd century. The film is released in the UK on 9 May.

Anyway, here's a video of the stunt:

Last Updated 25 March 2013

Simon Williams

I wouldn't necessarily say that Star Trek: Into Darkness has previously used London "as a marketing prop"; London plays a big part in the film so of course it will feature on the poster!

Martin Ballantine

It didn't happen did it? No moving images of said drones?? Complete con or am I mad?


Couldn't those things cut you up bad with those unprotected props whirling round?


I would love to know if these were formation flying by checking each others' position or they just put in some fixed coordinates for each. If the first, I've seen that before and it's awesome, is it openly available?