Take A Balloon Ride In Broadgate

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Take A Balloon Ride In Broadgate

The Broadgate complex in the Square Mile attracts more than its fair share of publicity stunts and unlikely diversions. To surfboarding, ice-skating and circus fun we must now add hot-air ballooning.

The Broadgate Balloon can be found in (or above) Exchange Square between now and 11 May. 50 people per day can win a trip in the tethered attraction. You can enter the competition here by registering on the Broadgate web site.

The high-flying* ride is organised by The Cloud, who want you to know about their new free wifi service. You can, they say, now get 60 minutes of free broadband wireless anywhere within the Broadgate estate. Possibly even from the basket of a tethered hot-air balloon.

*Might not actually fly that high.

Image courtesy of The Cloud's PR chaps.

Last Updated 02 May 2012