Only In London: What People On Twitter Say About Our City

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Only In London: What People On Twitter Say About Our City

What do people find most singular about London? One way to find out is to look at the Twitter hashtag #onlyinlondon, which is commonly appended to tweets about odd stuff in the capital. Here are some of the best ones from the past few days. It's like listening in on a big, confused conversation, with both locals and tourists chipping in...

Out and about

  • In a West End pub, on the phone with my brother in Japan, surrounded by Pearly Kings and Queens jingling and singing songs - @ericapig
  • Seen a man piss in public then get clocked by the bobby's then he legged it into a crowd and they were wounded - @racheljferguson
  • Chat up line overheard in underground station of London Bridge last night: "Girl, you know you got so much social capital!" - @lastpositivist
  • Listening to a kid chatting to her mate on the street. She said 'arcst' instead of 'asked' - @ScottLpool
  • Sat next to a man who looks about 70 with a walking stick listening to chase & status full blast on his ipod - @emmasargeant1


  • Someone just got the taxi to stop at Starbucks while they grabbed an expresso and jumped back in - @neilbaldwin
  • Gets on the bus and over the speaker it says ' this bus is under attack, please dial 999' - @kai_cassemis
  • Where in the world can it take you 90 mins to drive 5 miles? - @leevitaminjones
  • Car just drove by my room blaring out the Tetris music - @SingAlongTheLie


  • Just seen a guy taking his cat for a walk Best thing about it, the cat was on his shoulder. Parrot? Monkey? No, a cat - @Huw_Bennett
  • On the train uptown and some dudes got a fucking ferret in his hood, not a fake one either - @rich_mackam
  • Jubilee Line. Guy dressed up as a penguin staring at a blank wall - @kallentweeting
  • A Labrador tried to sell me a Big Issue today - @joe_fisk


  • Sum bloke's just walked past me dragging a pink suitcase - @gdshipley
  • Just sat on tube opp guy wearing gold pyramid cage on head, amulet round neck reading freud - no one batted an eyelid - @SallyBiddulph (You mean this fellow, Sally?)

Last Updated 21 March 2012