Have You Seen The Man With The Pyramid Hat?

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Have You Seen The Man With The Pyramid Hat?

New-Age nutjob? Oddball PR stuntsmith? Supporter of Egyptian solidarity? Who is this mad hatter with the polyhedral headgear, scribbling away in Leicester Square's Pret? Apparently, he's called Dominic and he's been roaming the streets of London in his eccentric helmet since at least 2006. David Thair has the full story, and kindly allowed us to reproduce his image.

Let us know below if you've spotted the fellow around London.

Last Updated 14 February 2011

Dean Nicholas

I sort of feel sad that this chap is being singled out. Surely one of the great things about living in London is that you're able to go about your business, wearing whatever eccentric headpiece you like, and nobody pays any attention to you?


Dean, if you read the articles attached, you'll see that he doesn't mind being singled out. There's actually not much mystery surrounding him at all. More just the mystery of the headpiece, in the same way anything we don't particularly understand or believe in is a mystery. The questions at the start of this article are admittedly slightly on the edge of impolite though...


Seen him 3 times. Once at Forbidden planet buying books, another time next to the old Borders shop next to Tottenham Court Road and third time walking casually at Oxford Street. Three times I could tell he was getting all the right vibes there.

Hayley Dunlop

YES! Blogged about this a few years ago and the man himself has even gotten involved on the thread:

So he's happy to be talked about, don't you worry :)

Bronagh Miskelly

Saw him outside Debenhams in Oxford St the other week and yes his headgear did cause me to pause and wonder, particularly because he appeared to comfortable and unabashed about the pyramid and seemed to be in the midst of a business meeting as he walked down the street.

Kris Wood

I usually see him in Pret on Tottenham Court Road. From the looks of the picture, that's the best place to spot him


I've seen like at Euston station before. About 5 or 6 months ago I think.

Hayley Dunlop

Cheers, my computer was having a funny moment earlier

Suzanne Gerber

Yep, spotted him recently at Koenig Books near Leicester Square tube station.


Saw him in the old borders on Shaftesbury avenue, he spoke to a man about his head-piece for about 20 minutes, http://www.rainbowcrystal.com/... this is why he wears I think, he used to have a blog also not sure if he still does


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Icy Sedgwick

I used to see him in Forbidden Planet all the time.


I actually have - didn't realise he was famous! Couple of weeks ago on the Tube, Central line near Oxford Circus I think.

Preeti Mistry

I went to Amersham College with Domonic believe it or not. He was on my foundation course. A real loner. And very quirky. All he ever did was scribble in his note book and listened to Vanessa paradi on his walkman. I saw him on the Bakerloo line just yesterday afternoon (11th Aug)....and I Knew instantly that this was is was Domonic. This is so Strange...I last saw him in 1994. Can't believe it....I thought I'd never see this guy again.



This is a youtube clip of the man himself


I sat next to him on the train and had to ask. Made by an American company and it's support to help with concentration and shuts out other thoughts...helps with his speech impediment to apparently! Chi energies.....


Spotted on the district line - I instantly thought hey this guys got some ideas, this will be the headgear of the future!


see him in ubridge on saturday


Yes, yes i have

Paul Cudmore

saw him yesterday in the same pret but different seat by the front window


we saw him in pret in Covent Garden 2nite, he wudnt speak to me to tell me why he had it on his head! RANDOM!


Ha just seen him on the Piccadilly line. So glad I googled 'pyramid hat'


On metropolitan line tube with him now heading to Watford. Strange chap

John Muhammad Islam Strick

Still around. Saw him on the train between Wembley Central and Headstone Lane. Wish I'd known all this, I'd have spoken to him. It must work, because where I'd normally think "bloody weirdo" I instead found myself thinking "why not?"

Tom Crippen

I saw him in the big tescos. In Watford Hertfordshire a few minutes ago. I think it looks nice.

Sue C Long

The gentleman is currently in Pret a Manger, in St Martins Lane.

Carl Green

Yes I saw him at Northwood Hills st. He must live near there.

Carl Green

Here he is