Canary Wharf Traffic Light Sculpture Removed

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Canary Wharf Traffic Light Sculpture Removed

Sad news for anyone who revels in the 'quirky' side of London. One of the capital's most unusual sculptures has been removed. The traffic light tree, an arty hydra of blinking road signals on Westferry Road, has reportedly been axed by lambent lumberjacks Tower Hamlets council to make way for road improvements.

The surprising landmark was created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant, and has been in place since 1998, a rare feature of interest in an area regularly dismissed as 'soul-less'. Its 75 flashing lights housed in a metal frame that resembles a plane tree led to a triumph in Britain's best-looking roundabout poll in 2005.

Tower Hamlets council have yet to comment publicly on the removal, or provide details on any new location for the sculpture. It's the second sculptural loss for London in as many weeks, following the theft of Bermondsey's Dr Salter statue.

Image by William Warby under Creative Commons Licence.

Last Updated 08 December 2011

Dave H

That's a terrible shame. The traffic light tree was one of the few good things about the Isle of Dogs.


Very disappointing. I'm hoping to visit London in the near future, and the traffic light tree was on my list of things to see...

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I liked it. The first time I saw it I was a little bemused, but then I'm just a country boy.


From Tower Hamlets' website:

"The Westferry traffic light tree is looking for a new site after being removed from Heron Quay roundabout as part of a major improvement scheme for the junction. The popular local landmark has stood on the roundabout since 1998 and now residents are being invited to suggest a new site for the lights. They are currently in safe storage while a suitable location is found."