Ground-to-Air Missiles For Olympics?

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Ground-to-Air Missiles For Olympics?

So you thought that threatening protestors with rubber bullets was a bit extreme? Newbie Defence Secretary Philip 'Ammo' Hammond has just announced that the Olympic Games could be protected by missiles.

In a comment to the house of commons, the minister revealed that ground-to-air missiles could be deployed to protect the Olympics if deemed operationally necessary by the military. No further elaboration was made.

Earlier today, the US revealed that it will deploy a thousand of its own security agents at the 2012 Games (although we did turn down their earlier offer of a helpful aircraft carrier in the Thames). With the addition of a secret SAS base in the East End, and the mysterious disappearance of HMS Belfast, the Lea Valley could resemble a theatre of war come next summer. Good luck to whoever gets the task of firing the starting pistol.

Image by McTumshie in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Last Updated 14 November 2011