SAS Have A Secret Olympic Base With Lots Of Guns And Stuff

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SAS Have A Secret Olympic Base With Lots Of Guns And Stuff

The Sun speaks to an SAS source about the special ops preparations for next year's Games:

If anyone is fool enough to try to endanger the public at these Games they will be met with the swiftest retribution by the best-equipped troops of our most elite fighting units.

They're not kidding. Kit includes sub-machineguns, tear gas canister launchers, stun grenades, sniper rifles and assault rifles. The service will also use Chinook helicopters and rigid inflatables – or BOATS, as The Sun has it – to speed around the Olympic waterways that encircle the park.

The covert (till you need them) force will operate out of what's described as a 'top secret' East End base. How long before some local blogger joins up a few dots?

Image by Stephskimo in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 03 November 2011

Mark Baynes

If you pop down to New Stairs in Wapping you can often see them training from the Maritime Police Unit in their ribs (assault boats). They go from there down to the Olympics site via the waterways. We've been watching them for months. Old news round here and not very secret :)


Perhaps we only know what they want us to know ..... perhaps a diversion .... or do we know what they didn't want us to know ..... or perhaps we will think it is all a diversion when in fact it isn't .... perhaps they don't even know themselves ... who knows!?