This Week’s London Cabaret Zingers: 24-30 October 2011

Franco Milazzo
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This Week’s London Cabaret Zingers: 24-30 October 2011

There’s plenty of Halloween action in town this week - take a look at our previous post for more details - so with zero, zilch and zip further ado, here are our creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky Zingers for this week.

Zinger Of The Week: White Mischief's Ghost In The Machine @ Scala, Saturday

Still our tip for the best night out on Halloween for those cabaristas who like it weird and wonderful, White Mischief's latest steampunk-themed event returns to the Scala outside King's Cross with a bill. MC Professor Elemental introduces a live bill including mime comedian The Boy With Tape On His Face, burlesque from Evening Standard columnist Millicent Binks and expert aerielist Jackie Le alongside live music, interactive treats (e.g. Bear Gateaux’s spooky booths) as well as some of the best home-made costumes in town.

Monday's Zingers

Last week's Zinger Of The Week, the Soho Theatre's Terror Season, continues with more morbid fare from cabaret luminaries aplenty.

Performance artist Dickie Beau is one of the few who can move effortlessly between the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the Old Vic Tunnels and (this week) an Islington fringe theatre as he explores fear and family in Steven Berkoff’s Kvetch. See him at the King's Head Theatre.

Timberlina is still playing with his bingo balls at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. The rollover is now up to a perfect darts score of £180 which is enough to buy us a round or two (hint, hint).

Tuesday's Zingers

There’s an Office Party to end all office parties at the Pleasance presented by Duckie vet Christopher Green (aka Ida Barr aka Tina C) and La Clique’s Ursula Martinez. We previewed it here.

CellarDoor institution Trash Tuesday invites all and sundry to their open mic night for musical singers of all hues. Whether you take the mike or the Michael, it sounds like there’s much fun to be had.

Velma Celli – bad Italian food pun or drag queen with a difference? Rock up to the Brickhouse tonight to see Ian Stroughair’s altered ego and her Screaming Queenz and make up your own mind. We can’t do everything for you.

Wednesday's Zingers

Roll out the red carpet: ukulele royalty comes to the Albany Deptford tonight as George Hincliffe of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain teams up with cabaret queen Tricity Vogue, chap-hopper Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer and comedienne Jo Stephenson. Turn up at 6 for an hour-long pre-show workshop with George and Tricity and the chance to take part in the show's grand finale.

The ever-inventive Eat Your Heart Out collective are back with Performance Doesn't Matter. This erudite affair will blend attendees "made up of other university graduates with a keen interest in the arts", an audience of "non-Guardian readers", a cheap bar and some of the most subversive names on the cabaret scene including Jonny Woo

What’s up? 4 non-bland singers plus special guests on a boat, that’s what’s up. Four Femmes on the Thames mix song with story like a contemporary version of Londonist favourites The Ruby Dolls.

Thursday's Zingers

Its a special night for masked musical marvel Marcus Reeves as he gives tracks from his new album Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre an airing at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. There's even a trailer. Coo.

More Dickie Beau over at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club as he presents some avante garde video work featuring the likes of alt-cabaret stars David Hoyle, Scottee and the gossipiest gal in town, Miss Vaginal Davies.

Friday's Zingers

Carnival at the Leicester Square Theatre is a curious blend of circus, opera and physical theatre which traces modern heroine Mischa's journey from Chelsea to a world of flying foxes and dangerous quests.

A Zone 5 Zinger for you: Enfield's Millfield Arts Centre hosts An Evening Of Burlesque starring Chrys Columbine who combines concerto-playing with decorous undressing.

Boris and Sergey's Puppet Cabaret 28th & 29th October.

Saturday's Zingers

The Halloween special of Halfway to Heaven's Desperate Living sees Northern star Myra Dubois team up with Drag Idol 2011 winner Son Ofa Tutu.  We hope they're stocked up on gin and tonic.

Sunday's Zingers

In a week packed with nocturnal delights, we thought it was appropriate to show a chapter from the brilliant and bonkers Night Kitchen Cabaret's show of earlier this year, The Imbolc Blues. Enjoy.

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