Doubts Over Olympic Legacy For Charities And Volunteering

By Lindsey Last edited 90 months ago
Doubts Over Olympic Legacy For Charities And Volunteering

Can you name a charity officially associated with London 2012?

It stumped us. We even searched the London 2012 website to find out but drew a blank. And according to an Olympic Perceptions survey only 8% of people polled could, compared to 44% who were able to name a corporate sponsor. Further only 4% of respondents believed that "the main legacy of the London Olympics will be more volunteering or that the event will lead to more funding for charities" with the majority gloomily believing that debt and taxes will be what we're left with.

Volunteering's had a high profile in the build up to the Games with Games Maker and London Ambassador recruitment drives. Nominations for worthy torchbearers have also highlighted ordinary people doing great things all over the country.

Charities haven't featured prominently around the Olympic brand as yet as business has mostly been about gargantuan spend to make the event happen and fears about funding for our home team (although Pride the Lion's arrived to solve the latter, we hope).

But there is the Gold Challenge (remember?) which aims to raise £20 million for over 100 charities by the end of next year. Er, we forgot to do it, sorry. Anyone signed up?

So while there's definitely a bubble of Olympic spirit lighting up the third sector, and every arts and voluntary organisation is poised to cash in and get involved with the greatest show on earth, will there be benefits once the flame's gone out?

The full Olympic Perceptions report is free to download.

Last Updated 07 September 2011