London 2012 Gold Challenge Launches

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London 2012 Gold Challenge Launches

Feel good three ways! Try new sports, raise money for charity and be part of London 2012 is the message of the Gold Challenge. It's a campaign to raise £20 million for over 100 charities by the end of the Olympic year, boosting mass participation in UK sport along the way.

Sounds good and we've always fancied a bash at Fencing and Rhythmic Gymnastics but the Gold Challenge is a sprawling beast of an initiative. It targets all and sundry, tempting them with 30 sports with the call to raise £20 million between 100 charities over 2 years. Which seems an oddly unambitious target when Children in Need raised £18 million odd in one night last Friday. However, as veterans of other charity challenges, such as Vertical Rush and Maggie's Night Hike, we know the hard work involved in fundraising for a specific challenge, without the aid of a telethon so maybe it's just realistic for these belt-tightening times.

That said, with the opportunity of participating as a team, it's bound to appeal to schools and community groups and we're looking at our own pale, computer-bound ranks for likely suspects to introduce to exercise. To participate, choose 5 or more sports and a charity to fundraise for. Then complete at least 3 hours of coached activity in each by the end of 2012. And get sponsored along the way.

So, what sports would you like to see Londonist take on?

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Last Updated 24 November 2010