Have You Got What It Takes To Be A McGames Maker?

By Lindsey Last edited 104 months ago
Have You Got What It Takes To Be A McGames Maker?

In a trumpet of tiresome wordfeckery, LOCOG - presumably advised by the creatives who came up with the logo and the mascots - announced last week that the 70,000 volunteers needed to help make the 2012 Olympic Games happen will be known as Games Makers.

Perhaps the concept of 'volunteering' lacks the puff of self importance a made up job title smacks of and makes too explicit the notion that it's unpaid labour. It's blue sky brain showering gone mad.

But if the notion of Games Making hasn't already put you off offering your talents and services forward for free to be part of the Olympic party, the fact that you will have to endure training and selection from McDonalds might.

McDonalds are a Worldwide Olympic Partner with a long term investment in the Games. Whilst it's true that they have the nationwide reach, customer service training experience and - importantly - money muscle to make this happen, we can't help wondering if travel advice will be via the Maccy D's kiosk and every interaction completed with a robo-saccharine 'have a nice day'. McDonalds is a twisted partner for Olympism generally, however much they try to green up (announcing their support for British agriculture) or slim down (um, their latest milkshake has a Mars Bar thrown in).

So, after all that, have you got what it takes to be a McVolunteer?

If you really can't face it, the Mayor will shortly announce plans for the recruitment of London Volunteers, stationed at key transport hubs, at visitor attractions, and on the streets (in bibs, no doubt) to make sure all visitors to London get the best possible welcome during the Games. Here's hoping for personal customer service training from Boris himself for this lot and bowler hats, not bibs and baseball caps.

Last Updated 12 July 2010